Harvard Scholarship Foundation Event: Benefit concert with the Harvard Krokodiloes


Harvard Scholarship Foundation Event: Benefit concert with the Harvard Krokodiloes

Since its foundation in 2016, the Harvard Scholarship Foundation Germany e.V. has strongly supported talented and motivated students, especially those who do not receive equal educational opportunities.

Amongst other things, the Harvard Scholarship Foundation provides assistance to these students through the Book Prize Project, in which many Berlin Schools already participate. Through the Book Prize Project, hard working and dedicated students have the opportunity to become accquainted with figures from the world of politics, business and science at a sponsored dinners. At these events, we also try to arrange internships and other opportunities for the students.

Additionally, the Harvard Scholarship Foundation provides an annual scholarship, which enables students to study at Harvard University and hosts an essay competition in which high school and secondary school students can participate. The winners receive an educational trip to Harvard University, where they will be able to attend lectures, meet professors, students and alumni in person and find out more about the admission process and funding opportunities.

To fund these projects, we are hosting a benefit concert in cooperation with the Harvard Krokodiloes, who are graciously providing us with their talents.

The Harvard Krokodiloes are currently on a world tour and have already completed their first concerts in Asia. We are very grateful, that the Krokodiloes have made time in their very busy tour through Europe to give this performance here in Berlin.

Please follow this link to buy tickets: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/benefiz-konzert-der-harvard-scholarship-foun...